Kate Winslet grips her hard-won Golden Globes

I’m a little bit worried about our girl Kate.

Kate Winslet grips her Golden Globe till her fingernails bleed.

I think success is starting to spoil her. I don’t think she’s the girl we all first fell in love with.

Oh, sure, the only constant in life is change. To have the Hollywood fantasy of the Vanity Fair cover, we had to let go of  silken Rose from Titanic, the bawdylicious Maddy the laundress of Quills. To meet those sweethearts we had to let go of the rough and tumble ruffian Juliet of Heavenly Creatures. Kate Winslet’s approach to her roles gives us a multifaceted heroine and a dish of many rich flavors. But what fresh hell is this?

See this grin? The clenched jaw, bared teeth, glassy glint in her eyes? The white in her knuckles as she’s gripping that Golden Globe?  From the looks of this photo, I think if she doesn’t win an Oscar this year, she might just make sure every Academy voter dies a very slow, very painful death.

This new thin, streamlined, Aryan-blonde Kate isn’t one I want to like anymore. She’s had all the life and individuality sucked out of her so she can fit into not only any producer’s concept of a role, but any audience’s concept as well. She’s mainstreamed herself to the point of losing her individuality and soul.  Is she going to get thinner? Make herself more marketable? Sell a little more of her soul? I’m worried.

Kate, honey, chill out for a second. Come on over to my house, I’ll make you some pho. I’ve got some vodka in the freezer, we’ll play with the dogs. It looks like you need to get back to where you once belonged. We’re all a lot of fucked-up girls looking for their own peace of mind. Stop trying to please Hollywood. We miss you.

…well, I may be late but I’ll be up to date when I can shiv ’em like my sister Kate, oh, yeah…


~ by manifenestration on January 12, 2009.

One Response to “Kate Winslet grips her hard-won Golden Globes”

  1. She’s thinking about her Oscar in that photo, she’s so close now she can taste it!

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