Year One: A Haiku

I’ve been wrong about some things before, so if you think that my gut instinct that the movie Year One is not the comedy miracle of 2009 is incorrect, fine; I’ll accept a three-paragraph persuasive essay on the topic. There is such a thing as too much marketing working against a movie rather than for it, however, and I think the marketing for this movie may have hit or passed critical mass. year_one_poster

In the meantime; as I was stuck in traffic on driving up I-95 the other day, I was inspired to write a haiku. I had seen the same piece of advertising for that movie one time too many, and the straw had officially broken the camel’s back.

Ringo Starr just called
You can keep the film concept
Doesn’t want it back.

Thank you.


~ by manifenestration on June 15, 2009.

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