The Importance of Family Planning

If you can navigate a website, and read and follow this sentence, then you know that there is no single social or political concern that stands alone. Whether it’s the environment, the economy, foriegn policy or the arts, all of these issues are so intertwined that there is no way that you can take a stand on one issue alone without affecting many other issues around it, or finding a cause in these other issues.

Take family planning, for example. What does family planning really mean? Family planning means providing birth control and medical assistance to anyone who might have reproductive organs. This is a healthcare issue and a social issue. However, it feeds into environmental issues such as overpopulation. The economy isn’t immune, it certainly doesn’t need more mouths to feed, to put it lightly. Then we start getting into tax dollars for education versus tax dollars for war, and so on and so forth. Family planning, ultimately, is everyone’s issue, and it does affect aspects of your life about which you might be unaware. We’re all in this together, and until all of us are free and safe, none of us are free and safe.

My dear friend Elle has come up with a simple analysis of the situation. Let’s say you have five dollars. You could donate that five dollars to Planned Parenthood and do a good deed for people who don’t and/or do want to reproduce everywhere. You could even donate it in honor of Sarah Palin, and they will even send her a kind card letting her know that your five dollars has gone to ensure that more women do not end up following her shining example of preaching abstinence and breeding a softball team without thinking first. Elle has a Cafepress store that provides an analysis of the importance of family planning in a clear, concise way so that not only can you enjoy it, but also, you can share it with others. Every shirt on this cafepress store is marked up only $5 and sends that as a donation to Planned Parenthood, in honor of Sarah Palin. And Palin will get a little card in the mail, for each one.

Because, ultimately, funding for birth control now means more tacos for you later.

Thank you.


~ by manifenestration on September 24, 2008.

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